MER Alumni

Name Degree, Department Year Graduated  Supervisor Thesis Title
Akkaymak, Guliz Ph.D. Sociology 2016 W. Lehmann A Critical Examination of Immigrant Integration: Experiences of Immigrants from Turkey to Canada
Amoyaw, Jonathan Ph.D. Sociology 2016 T. Abada Transnational engagement and Immigrants' well being in Canada
Aras, Ramazan Ph.D. Anthropology 2009 R. Darnell Political Violence, Fear and Pain: Formations of Kurdishness in Turkey
Armstrong, Kaitlyn M.A. Political Science 2009 J. Quinn Kurdish identity and the Pursuit of Political Rights
Arriaga, Eduard  Ph.D. Hispanic Studies 2011 J-L. Suarez Temporalidades múltiples en la encrucijada: representaciones artísticas de lo afro en Latinoamérica y el mundo hispánico durante la actual etapa de globalización
Aslam, Awish M.A. Sociology 2016 W. Lehman School-Work Transitions among Second-Generation Immigrants
Balasingham, Arjun M.A. Public Admin 2009 A. Allahar ETHNIC CONFLICT IN SRI LANKA: Nationalism, Local Government, and the Power Elite
Barber, Cassandra M.A. Sociology 2012 P. Pare Major paper: Do Urban Contexts Affect the Economic Integration of Second-Generation Visible Minorities in Canada? A Tale of Three Cities.
Barnes, Kelly Ph.D. Psychology 2015 V. Esses National Identity and Attitudes Towards Immigrants: The Role of Social Comparison and Perceptions of Competition
Beaudoin, Julianna  M.A. Anthropology 2009 R. Farah  
Beaudoin, Julianna  Ph.D. Anthropology 2014 R. Farah Challenging Essentialized Representations of Romani Identities in Canada
Bennett-AbuAyyash, Caroline Wadad Ph.D. Psychology 2011 V. Esses The Expression of Religious Bias in the Evaluation of Foreign-Trained Job Applicants
Billing, Mark M.A. History 2013 S. Bangarth ‘The The Patina of Tradition: Deception, Smokescreens, Public Policy, and the Immigration Green Paper.’
Birani, Aisha Ph.D. Sociology 2017 W. Lehmann Toward an Inclusive Islam? A Study of First - and Second - Generation Muslims in Canada
Boateng, Godfred  Ph.D. Sociology 2015 T. Adams Exploring the Career Pathways, Professional Integration and Lived Experiences of Regulated Nurses in Ontario, Canada
Bozheva, Alexandra M.A. Sociology 2013  N/A  N/A
Buttazzoni, Michael M.A. History 2013 S. Bangarth Italian-Canadian Immigrants, Transnationalism, and Social Capital: The Alpini in Hamilton and Related Oral Histories.
Chams, Wajeha M.A. Sociology 2015 T. Adams Living in a Transnational World: Identity Negotiation and Formation Among Second-Generation Lebanese Young Adults Living in London Ontario
Chiarelli Acosta, Ana Isabel Ph.D. Hispanic Studies 2015 R. Montano Hispanic-Canadian Literature of Migration of the 21st Century
Chikanda, Abel Ph.D. Geography 2010 B. Dodson Emigration of Medical Doctors from Zimbabwe: Migrant Experiences, Transnational Linkages and Prospects for Diasporic Engagement
Chongatera, Godfred  M.A. Sociology 2011 P. Pare Major Paper: Visible Minority Groups and Hate Crime Victimization Across Different Levels of Family Income in Canada: An Examination of Mediation and Comparative Models.
DeVaul-Fetters, Amanda Ph.D. Psychology 2014  V. Esses Reactions to Refugees: Do Stronger Believers in a Just World Compensate, Dehumanize, and Perceive Refugees as More Responsible for their Status?
Diaz, Dorismel Ph.D. Hispanic Studies 2016 V. Wolff Voces, Silencios, Ambigüedades y Fantasmagorías en el Espacio Transafricano de la Narrativa de Viajes del Siglo XIX
Dumschat, Eric Richard M.A. Political Science 2011 N. Bradford From Darkest Dark to Lightest Light: Combating Human Trafficking Through an Understanding of its Causes and an Improvement of the Current Means of Prevention
Ertorer, Secil Ph.D. Sociology 2012 C. Levine Identity Formation and Acculturation: The Case of Karen Refugees in London, Ontario
Fellin, Melissa  Ph.D. Anthropology 2012 R. Farah Somali Children and Youth's Experiences in Educational Spaces in North America: Reconstructing Identities and Negotiating the Past in the Present
Fukuda, Katrina M.A. Women's Studies and Feminist Research 2016 W. Pearson Assessing the Impacts and Importance of Representations of Asian Masculinities on young Asian Diaspora in Canada
Giles, Jonathan M.A. Anthropology 2013 T. Granadillo The Call of the Wild Geese: An Ethnography of Diasporic Irish Language Revitalization in Southern and Eastern Ontario
Hickerson, Donald M.A. Sociology 2012 D. Belanger The Cross-Border Migrant Experience in Lang Son Province, Northern Viet Nam
Hugall, Meagan M.A. Political Science 2015 C. Dick Understanding "Illegality" as a Problem with Policy: An Analysis of US Immigration Policy using the Intersectionality-Based Policy Analysis (IBPA) Framework
Iciaszczyk, Natalie M.A. Sociology 2016 R. Maradis Social Connectedness, Social Support and the Health of Older Adults: A Comparison of Immigrant and Native-born Canadians
Koba, Sasha  M.A. Sociology 2015 R. Margolis The Immigrant Health Advantage in Canada: Lessened by Six Health Determinants
Kuuire, Zubedaar  Ph.D. Geography 2015 G. Arku & I. Luginaah Understanding Immigrant Housing Integration in Canada: The Role of Transnational Engagements
Lapshina, Natalia Ph.D. Psychology 2015 V. Esses Canadians’ Attitudes Toward Immigrants Who Claim Employment Discrimination
Latigo Odida, Moses M.A. Political Science 2014 P. Ferguson Situating Child Soldiers in Post-Conflict Reconstruction
LeClair, Rachel Mae M.A. Political Science 2015 R. Young Exploring the Representation of Francophone Organizations in Local Immigration Partnerships
Lin, Cheng-Chi Stephen Ph.D. Sociology 2013 D. Belanger & I.Connidis Negotiating Elder Care in a Transnational Context: Taiwanese Families and Vietnamese Migrant Workers
Long, Jennifer Ph.D. Anthropology 2011 R. Farah Shifting Notions of Citizenship in the Netherlands: exploring cultural citizenship and the politics of belonging through neighbourhood spaces in Rotterdam
Lowthers, Megan Ph.D. Anthropology 2015 R. Darnell & R. Farah Sexual-Economic Entanglement: A Feminist Ethnography of Migrant Sex Work Spaces in Kenya
McKarney, Matthew M.A. Anthropology 2013 S. Larkin In Defense of a Livelihood: Ontario Growers and the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program Debate
Medianu, Stelian M.Sc. Psychology 2010  V. Esses The Dehumanization of Refugees
Medianu, Stelian Ph.D. Psychology 2014  V. Esses The Role of the Media in the Automatic Dehumanization of Refugees
Muhammedi, Shezan Ph.D. History 2016 S. Bangarth Gifts From Amin: The Resettlement, Integration, and Identities of Ugandan Asian Refugees in Canada
Muhammedi, Shezan M.A. History 2012 S. Bangarth Gifts From Amin: Canada and the Ugandan Ismaili Muslims, 1972-1990
Nguyen, Thi Hong Van M.A. Sociology 2015 T. Adams Internal Migration, Networks and Gender Roles among Domestic Workers in Vietnam
Nimigan, Sarah M.A. Political Science 2010 J. Quinn The Gender of Transitional Justice: Pathways to Justice for Victims of Gendered Violence
Northcote, Madeleine M.A. Geography 2015 B. Dodson Enterprising Outsiders: Livelihood Strategies of Cape Town’s forced migrants
Ocampo, Alelie  M.A. Sociology 2015 T. Adams Combining Work and Family: The Experiences of Gender and Identity of Visible Minority Women in Leadership Positions
Omar, Aisha  M.A. Women's Studies 2013 E. Lawson Intersecting Oppressions: First-generation, African, Immigrant Women’s Experiences of Skill Discounting in Canada
Rajbanshi, Pradeep Man M.A. Sociology 2010 N/A N/A
Ramirez Munoz, Helia  M.A. Political Science 2014 B. Morrison  Migration and Political Participation in Western Europe: Immigrants and Ethnic Minorities
Ravani, Raeika M.A. Political Science 2010 A. Perez Exiled by the Regime
Raza, Muhammad Munib Ph.D. Sociology 2012 R. Beaujot & T. Abada Social and Human Capital: The Determinants of Economic Integration of South Asian Immigrants in Canada
Reid, Kristin M.A. Political Science 2012 N. Bradford Immigration and Integration in Canada:  The Interplay of Economics, Culture and Policy
Ribeiro Prado Barros, Priscila M.A. Sociology 2011 W. Hewitt Recognizing indigenous peoples’ rights: a comparative study between Brazil and Canada
Rodrigo, Alana Farron M.A. Political Science 2011 J. Quinn Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission: Examining the Commission through Lessons Learned from Guatemala and South Africa
Rouleau, Brandon Ph.D. Anthropology 2013 R. Darnell Tu envidia es mi progreso: An Ethnographic Account of the Development of Squatter Settlements in San Juan de Miraflores, Lima, Peru.
Rumble, Nicole  M.A. Political Science 2010 J. Quinn Indian Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Sanchez, Juan Ph.D. Hispanic Studies 2014 R. Montano  Nativos migrantes: poesía en la encrucijada
Sivalinkam, Harisha M.A. Political Science 2010 T. Vernon Multiculturalism and Feminism: The Limits of Accommodation
Sluser, Katie M.A. History 2009 J. Flath “Chinatown” and Chinatowns:  Articulating Space, Community, and Identity in Greater Toronto’s Chinese Communities
Solomon, Nassisse M.A. History 2009 K. McKenna Calling to Her Brethren: Female Representation and the Role of Race and Gender Ideology in the Life and Writings of Mary Ann Shadd Cary
Stachel, Melissa Ph.D. Anthropology 2013 R. Farah Somali Children and Youth's Experiences in Educational Spaces in North America: Reconstructing Identities and Negotiating the Past in the Present
Steckley, Marylynn Ph.D. Geography 2015 T. Weiss & A. Allahar Agrarian Change and Peasant Prospects in Haiti
Taylor, Christopher  M.A. History 2009 M. Kellow Picayune Identities: "Black", "White", and Class-Consciousness in Barbadian and British West Indian Slave Society.
Taylor, Christopher Ph.D. History 2013 S. Bangarth Flying Fish in the Great White North: The "Culture" of Black Barbadian Migration to 1967
Thomson, Clint M.Sc. Psychology 2016 L. Campbell Helping the Transition Through Building New Friendships: A Psychological Perspective on Supporting International Students' Acculturation and Social Integration
Urbi, Anna  M.A. Anthropology 2010 D. Jorgensen Caring for Others: Filipino Live-In Caregivers and their Left-Behind Families
Veldman, Lisa M.A. Anthropology 2013 S. Larkin Newcomer Expectations and Experiences: An Evaluation of English Conversation Circles in London, Ontario
Warden, Sarah  M.A. Sociology 2009 T. Abada Political Integration of Second Generation Immigrant Children
Williams, Kathleen M.A. Political Science 2011 N. Bradford An Evaluation of the Multicultural Policies in Singapore
Zhang, Kun M.A. Sociology 2013 D. Belanger Marital Strategies and Elder Care Arrangements Among Single Men in Rural China