Colloquium Series

The colloquium series brings together scholars and practitioners from a variety of academic backgrounds and professional sectors. Many are engaged in either designing and implementing policy or providing services to immigrant and refugee populations. Hearing speakers from government, legal, immigrant services and community sectors provides students with insight into “real-world” issues and decision-making processes, as well as seeing how academic research can be applied to understanding and resolving such issues.

Our colloquium series is a mandatory requirement for all students enrolled in the MER specialization. Talks are scheduled during the academic year on a bi-weekly basis. In addition to our MER students and faculty, the colloquia regularly attracts students, staff, and faculty from the broader Western campus and local community members interested in what we do.


September 21

Welcome Reception

Murat Hassan, Jordan Gray Garage

Erica Reshef, ArtVenture Art Studio

October 5, 4:00 pm 

Tony Fang

Memorial University

November 22-23

Pathways to Prosperity Annual Conference 

November 30, 4:00 pm 

Naomi Lightman

Department of Sociology, Toronto Metropolitan University

January 18, 4:00pm

Edward Ng

Principal Researcher, Health Analysis Division, Statistics Canada

February 1, 4:00pm

Colin Decker and Audrey Wubbenhorst

TAP-EDM Initiative 

February 15, 4:00 pm

Shezan Muhammedi

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

"Life After MER - Exploring Career Opportunities Beyond Academia in Migration"

February 29, 4:00 pm

Michaëlle Jean

Former Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada

"Power of Youth"

March 14, 4:00 pm

Ethel Tungohan 

Canada Research Chair in Canadian Migration Policy, Impacts and Activism, and Associate Professor of Politics at York University


March 21-23

Graduate Student Conference

Roots on Routes: Environment, Identity and Space


March 22, 2:00 pm

Jennifer Long

Department of Anthropology, MacEwan University

Part of the Roots on Routes Graduate Student Conference

May 22, 2024 7:00 pm

Journey's of Migration 2024

Ru - Movie Screening


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